Tie a Tie for Beginners

Tie Knots for Necktie Newbies
Are you getting ready for a college career day or a job interview and are faced with the challenge of tying your first necktie knot? Then this guide will help you master the classic tie knot in less than five minutes. Although there are hundreds of different tie knots to choose from, most men will make it through life with simply one or two knots. The instructions below are for a knot called the “Four in Hand”. It is one of the most classic, and luckily also one of the easiest ways to tie a necktie.

Tie Knots Instructions:

  1. Lay the necktie around your neck with the wide end hanging lower than the narrow end. The stiching should face your body.
  2. Wrap the wide end around the narrow end as shown in picture #2
  3. Pull the wide end through the gap between tie and neck. Do not pull tight but create a loop in the front.
  4. Pull the wide end through the loop.
  5. Pull the knot tight and adjust so that the knot sits center between the shirt collars. The tie should end near the center of your belt buckle. If the tie is tied to short or too long then you will have to adjust how far the wide end hangs down compared to the narrow end before starting to tie the tie.

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